Kenyana David, MBA

Advisory Group: Grow

Kenyana David, MBA, is a WBC success story!  After taking advantage of many WBC resources she has a focused and growing business based on her talents, expertise and passion.  Kenyana is the CEO & founder at 81Eighteen, LLC, a boutique marketing firm specializing in email marketing. She’s Cornell University certified in Women’s Entrepreneurship and HubSpot certified in email marketing, inbound, inbound sales, inbound marketing, content marketing, and frictionless sales. Plus, she’s authored her own book called, It’s All About Strategy: A Workable Approach to Digital Content & Marketing!  This motivated entrepreneurs has been is your shoes and is ready to help you get to the next level too!

She, too, is the creator of the Fe-Mail Marketing for Entrepreneurs (FEMME) Academy, an e-school teaching female coaches, consultants, and advisors how to create profitable email campaigns.

The Women's Business Center | Canisius College | Buffalo | New York
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