Ignite Awards 2023 Honoree: Sherita Anderson-Bailey

Meet Sherita

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Sherita Anderson-Bailey, or Rita as she says to call her, owner of Renovated Soul Marriage and Family Therapy, PLLC. She is a buffalo native that has experienced her fair share of hardships, including how she came into the world – born prematurely at 5 months gestation. This caused her to have to overcome learning and physical disabilities throughout her life. She is also a former foster care youth. She has had to experience her mother’s mental health decline and is blessed to also have experienced the remission and restoration of her biological mother’s mental health. Through all of her obstacles, she has remained a fighter, advocate and passionate servant to those that are clients, family, children and community members.

Initially, Rita’s own staff inspired her to make the leap into making her dream come true. However, after embarking upon her Doctoral program she wanted to serve the BIPOC, (Black and Brown) communities that are severely underserved. So she created Renovated Soul out of a need to provide care for those who are BIPOC and have adverse experiences with agencies and programs that aren’t culturally sensitive in their treatment approaches to family systemic issues, racial trauma, mental health concerns and faith-based coping.

Team Sherita
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The business niche is two-fold, the full team is made up of all female therapists, predominantly African-American, and most identify as Christian. They have all worked to help with the TOPS shooting crisis, working together to assist the youth and families that were impacted by the crisis both directly and indirectly.

In the infancy stages of business, the first hurdle of the business was ensuring that she had the financial resources to expand from a solo practice to one that now has 6 therapists working, a 3-office suite to 2 suites that houses the whole team.

Also, Rita had to learn how to be comfortable with creating visibility and being the brand since she’s a self-proclaimed natural introvert, just posing as an extrovert.

Today, she is a recent honor society student at North Central University working on her Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Rita serves as Clergy and is a proud member at an inner-city church, Tabernacle of Praise Church in Buffalo. She is married to her devoted husband, DiaOmari Bailey and works along-side him in marriage ministry at their church.

For all other entrepreneurs, Rita suggests to Pace yourself. Give yourself time to create a self-care corner for your office and then plan times through the day to use it!

Congratulations to you Rita for all of your dedication to this important work, and your fast-paced growth! 

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