Mohammed I Hoque

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Marketing Graduate Assistant

Meet Mohammed Hoque, a dynamic Digital Marketing Specialist with an impressive skill set and a history of delivering impactful marketing campaigns. Proficient in a range of technical skills and languages, Mohammed is a versatile professional who thrives on digital marketing challenges.

His technical prowess extends to social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Mohammed is skilled in using CRM and analytics tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Tag Manager. He’s also adept at web development, working with WordPress, CSS, and JavaScript. His creative flair comes into play with photo and video editing using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Sony Vegas Pro.

Database management is another forte, with experience in Microsoft Access and Firebase Database. Mohammed’s programming skills include PHP, C++, and Java, and he’s well-versed in Android development using Android Studio. Fluent in both English and Bengali, he excels at effective cross-cultural communication.

In his previous role as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Streams Tech Limited, Mohammed spearheaded full-scale digital marketing efforts for a US-based company. He was responsible for web development, and he executed successful campaigns on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google. Mohammed consistently achieved lead generation and website traffic targets while efficiently managing the HubSpot CRM and data analytics.

But that’s not all – Mohammed is also a Graduate Marketing Assistant, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics. His academic pursuits align seamlessly with his professional expertise, making him a well-rounded marketing professional. This unique combination of skills and experience positions Mohammed to excel in any marketing challenge that comes his way.

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator at the National Institute of Design, he skillfully managed the institution’s digital marketing program, overseeing lead generation, website management, and social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Google. He also supervised a team of three student counselors and one graphic designer.

Moreover, Mohammed demonstrated his technical acumen by setting up and managing tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Side Kit, using monthly analytics data to refine and customize digital marketing tactics.

His web development skills came to the fore as he created and maintained websites, including the setup of online courses during the pandemic. This initiative led to the successful initiation of an online enrollment pipeline.

With Mohammed Hoque’s diverse digital marketing expertise and his commitment to ongoing academic growth, he is uniquely positioned to drive growth and success in any marketing endeavor.




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