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COVID Recovery Task Force, Marketing

Jessica Marinelli is an articulate speaker and savvy strategist adept at working with organizations of every size and growth stage, from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies, to help achieve marketing and business goals. Her professional consulting company, MEMC handles all aspects of marketing and business development planning and implementation, assisting with strategic planning initiatives and the creation of marketing action plans, as well as planning and executing private and public events.

Excellent at aligning strategies and managing resources to jump-start or execute projects, Jessica has a proven track-record for team building, high level organizational and prioritization skills, and project management. She routinely advises senior managers on the development of key messaging and campaign management. MEMC also coordinates business development programs including, coaching of individuals, multi-day conferences, strategic planning sessions, as well as other development initiatives.  For more than fifteen years, she created and managed elegant, stream-lined events across the U.S. and Canada.

Jessica utilizes her strong project management background to implement marketing and business development strategy. She regularly creates copy and oversees art direction for the development of websites, social media pages, media releases, digital and print materials, and presentations.   Jessica is also an owner of Local Matters Inc. a media company whose assets include She oversees a strategic marketing team which strives to deliver practical marketing solutions for businesses of every size and industry. She routinely works with businesses to propose, coordinate, and manage digital marketing solutions to achieve their business goals, including video and content creation, production and project management, social media strategy. She also oversees a dedicated sales team and network of independent contractors which creates advertising and content packages designed to offer relevant and cost-effective tools.


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