IGNITE Awards Honoree: Robbie Raugh, The Raw Truth

Robbie’s sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after being misdiagnosed for 2 years with what doctors thought was a blocked milk duct.  That was the tipping point for Robbie. She wanted to change the focus from sick care to health care – first, to help her sister and then ultimately others.

Canisius WBC Ignite Awards 5.13.22 NancyJParisi 4840 Her sister was given just a short time to live, but she lived 10 years. No doubt being proactive about her health greatly contributed.  Robbie believes you can change your health.  She’s very passionate about helping others do just that and now feels it is her calling.

So what does Robbie do to fulfill her calling? It’s more like what doesn’t she do!?  Robbie’s an RN; health and fitness instructor, radio host, TV personality, certified health coach, author, podcast co-host, and international speaker.  I guess that fitness and health care gives her a lot of energy!

Robbie’s pivot in thinking challenged her on how to go from sick care to helping others to prevent disease. She felt as though she had to reinvent herself and take chances even when it was uncomfortable, such as jumping into TV and radio to get the message out. Plus, since she is in the fitness world, she was shut down during the early time of COVID.

So how does she feel she was able to make it?  She says she surrounded herself with people who share her passion.  She has a good support system with her husband and mom. She knew her purpose and stuck with it. Robbie also found that writing the book and making training videos, so she had products to sell helped to be a spring board in getting speaking engagement. And finally, being a woman of faith, she says, “Pray about everything because God has the master plan.”

Congratulations, Robbie!

Photo credit: Nancy Parisi
Video credit: Vincent Berbano, Buffalo Rising

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