IGNITE Awards Honoree: Nakiea S. Cook, NC Accounting & Consulting Services

Nakiea originally started a business with a mission in mind of helping the next generation.  She set off to show teens the importance of understanding cash flow, how money moves and how financial literacy is extremely important in order to navigate life efficiently and effectively. Then word spread about her knowledge and expertise. Her business grew to teaching the teens parents, and then it grew again to business owners. For herself, she wanted the freedom to be successful on her own terms.

Canisius WBC Ignite Awards 5.13.22 NancyJParisi 4825 Being a Black-owned business and a female accountant, Nakiea feels that the odds are sometimes stacked against her being successful but that actually drives her. She wants to break those barriers on what an accountant should look like or how they should function. She’s proudly unconventional!

Nakiea says she defines what her success is. She says sometimes we let our own mindsets place barriers on our success, but success can be whatever you set out to achieve, from saying you’re going to get up and make the bed then cook breakfast, to I am going to speak with 5 potential clients today with a goal of $1500 net profit. If you have done so, you have successfully executed that task and therefore, you’re successful!

Nakiea never stops learning.  She received her Bachelors in Science degree in Accounting, her Financial Management Certification, Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, then her MBA in Entrepreneurship and a Board Strong certification.

Nakiea’s advice to up-and-coming women-owned businesses is to keep working, if it doesn’t “feel right” don’t do it. Your intuition can save you a lot of time and money! Also, keep your eyes on your own business. You will get so many fears from others that can sometimes project into your plans. Don’t let it happen. If it’s in your heart to do it, then do it! Thrive in your own lane & it will all fall into place. It’s already mapped out.

Thank you for all that you do and congratulations to you, Nakiea Cook!

Photo credit: Nancy Parisi
Video credit: Vincent Berbano, Buffalo Rising

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