Ignite Awards 2024 Honoree: Maggie Shea

Meet Maggie

Roadblocks happen, often in business, and the pandemic was devastating to many with employees. Instead of viewing roadblocks as setbacks, Maggie has seized those moments as opportunities to innovate and expand. She strategically built out their fractional Talent Acquisition and Human Resources sides of their business to support clients during their tough transitions, offering more hands-on and tailored solutions to their hiring and HR needs. This proactive approach positioned StaffBuffalo and HRBuffalo to better assist companies in improving their internal processes and workforce management.

In the last three years, Maggie and her business partner have added over 10 people to their business, bringing their team to 16, and allowing them to continue to provide exceptional service to clients and to keep up with demand.

What’s surprised this talented entrepreneur about being her own boss? Decision fatigue! She says, as the owner, you’re constantly faced with numerous decisions, from managing client relationships to navigating through various business challenges. This continuous stream of decision-making can be mentally exhausting and overwhelming. Her advice is to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and implement efficient decision-making processes, to ensure optimal performance and maintain a healthy work-life balance. She says to find a balance between bootstrapping and leaning on people that have specialties that will propel your organization, this will allow you the ability to stay focused on your business growth.

Congratulation Maggie!

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