IGNITE Awards Honoree: Carley J. Hill, CAHill TECH, Inc.

Carley started with 15 years working in her family’s concrete business, had an executive MBA and saw an opportunity.  She saw a need to educate the next generation of construction workers with the same knowledge she was lucky enough to gain throughout her experience with her family’s business. She thought she would capture and deliver that incredible knowledge and expertise that was shared with her to young laborers through a medium they’re familiar with – short videos played through an app on their phone. And a great business was born!

Carley’s father had greatly influenced and inspired her to be the strong-willed, independent and hard-working woman. Watching him grow and manage his own company sparked her entrepreneurial spirit… but it also showed her that you must be completely dedicated to the business and work extremely hard in order to succeed.

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No entrepreneurial journey is easy and it can be especially difficult if your business is in a male-dominated industry. Carley often felt as though she had to work twice as hard as her male coworkers to prove that she could not just do the job, but do it well. Gaining the respect of seasoned construction workers wasn’t easy…but she persevered, made connections and friendships.

She believes her motivation to become the industry gold standard is what sets her apart. She’s confident in her leadership skills and product. She strives to make her employees feel heard and appreciated and treat them more like partners than subordinates. She knows no one has ever achieved anything alone and creating a positive and trusting culture will keep the right people by your side.

Carley says women business owners need to keep your goals high, your expectations low, and wake up every day wanting to work hard for yourself without outside recognition. She says, surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you things, and make you want to become a better human overall. And very importantly, never assume someone is going to say “No” to you; always assume they’re going to say “Yes.”

Congratulations to you Carley for all of your perseverance and success!

Photo credit: Nancy Parisi
Video credit: Vincent Berbano, Buffalo Rising

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