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To empower entrepreneurs to succeed through education, connections and community. We do this by developing leaders, fostering opportunities and building collaboration.


To be recognized as the “Home of Women Entrepreneurship” in Western New York that supports economic opportunities and business growth for women through all stages of business ownership.


The Women’s Business Center at Canisius College believes diverse backgrounds and perspectives are essential to success. We strive to remove barriers to access, and to build an inclusive community where women of all backgrounds have opportunities to learn and grow.

{ Experience the WBC }


Ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship! The WBC empowers women in business to move forward with confidence to build and strengthen their enterprises and networks.


Interact with the local business community! Connect with business leaders, business coaches, and other business owners at the WBC.


Work smarter, not harder! Discover new ways of working through a range of business development programs; learn about everything from MWBE contracting to bookkeeping and digital marketing.


Get a partner you can count on! The WBC help clients in all stages of their business development, from the newly established to more experienced owners who want to take their business to the next level.

We continue to develop training and networking opportunities to empower women business owners to grow their business.  We are now also working to support women business owners at every stage of their business growth.  We don’t compete with other service providers; we build relationships with the experts and the agencies in the area and collaborate with them to bring a wide and strong net of support to the business owner.

We are activating the movement of supporting our area’s economic development by supporting the business success of our local woman business owners – that support needs to be both from women and men!

Through the data we collected from our 2019-2020 Member Groups’ (E Network & the 4 Advisory Groups) program evaluations

We’ve learned that:

rated the programs’ relevancy as a “very good” or “excellent”

rated how informative our speakers were as “very good” or “excellent”

rated how prepared they felt to implement the information into their business practices as a “very good” or “excellent”

rated how helpful they found their group dynamic as “very good” or “excellent”

The Women's Business Center